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Thursday, 25 October 2018, Frankfurt

Target audience

Decision makers at corporates, among family office and institutional investors, wealth managers, banks, asset management and insurance companies who are involved in managing portfolios or risk but also are in charge of Big Data and/or AI, digitalisation, corporate strategy, intelligence, Org/IT, compliance, audit, regulation, analytics, innovation, R&D, etc. Furthermore fintech community shapers, data engineers, data scientists, developers, IT architects, data base experts, VCs, accelerators, incubators, academics, technology and software providers, and interested people. As AI, Big Data, and Network Science affect a much broader audience those who identify with the aim of the conference are very welcome too.


On 26 October 2017 the first Frankfurt Summit on Network Analysis (FSNA) took place aiming to discuss among others the convergence of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Network Science and its impact on the financial services industry. Over 150 delegates participated making this conference a huge success. FSNA set out to strengthen the ecosystem in Frankfurt and provide transparency over the existing capabilities to bring together a group of like-minded and interested people from across the world to discuss the impact of Network Science, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence on the financial services industry and contribute to the region`s development.

In 2018, on 25 October, the aim is to expand this dialogue even further, increase the size of participants considerably and more importantly continue the development of this unique ecosystem in Frankfurt.

Decision makers literally drown in information but are thirsty for actionable intelligence, and the 2nd FSNA will focus not only on the latest advances and applications in the above disciplines but also their common denominator. Artificial intelligence, big data, deep learning, machine learning (supervised or unsupervised), are all buzzwords we are confronted with on a daily basis and reflect the hype that we are currently experiencing. The reality is that there is no real artificial intelligence yet, and that the solutions we see can nicely be sorted into the “narrow AI” space used to identify patterns by learning from inputs to generate respective outputs or employed to identify insights from unstructured data. The best systems furthermore will always rely on solid data, and conventional wisdom like garbage in and garbage out hold even true for the brave new world of AI, big data, and network science. Furthermore, they will rely on the people involved who play a crucial role in developing those systems but also infer the right conclusions. The 2nd FSNA conference will again bring together leading international speakers and market participants, contribute to a greater understanding, present unique applications, and provide a platform for interested people to continue the learning process.

Prof. Rosario Mantegna


Prof. Mantegna, what are you specifically going to focus on in your speech for the AI, big data, and network science conference on 25th October?

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