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Thursday, 25 October 2018, Frankfurt

Our Partners in 2018

Absolut Research GmbH was founded in 2000 to publish innovatitive research and specialized expertise targeted at the daily asset allocation decision making of German speaking institutional investors.

Our different publications – from our flagship magazine Absolut|report and asset class performance analyses down to product-level research – offer independent and neutral information to react to the long term challenges of capital markets. This includes accommodating the growing institutional demand for sustainable and ESG investing. Our magazine Absolut|impact was launched in 2016 and is the first dedicated sustainabilty publication directed at the institutional community.

Contact: Liane Raben, Phone: +49 40 303 77 90 ,

The Center for Financial Studies conducts independent and internationally oriented research in important areas of Finance. It serves as a forum for dialogue between academia, policy-making institutions and the financial industry. It offers a platform for top-level fundamental research as well as applied research relevant for the financial sector in Europe.

Contact: Prof. Dr Volker Brühl,

FIRAMIS – Financial Risk and Asset Management with Intelligent Systems is a B2B FinTech company founded 2012 near Frankfurt, Germany. It utilises Data Science and AI for the following solution types: InvestTech, WealthTech, RiskTech and RegTech.

Contact: Dr Jochen Papenbrock, Phone: +49 6171 999 59 66,

Frankfurt School is one of Europe’s leading business schools delivering German excellence in management and finance education.


SONEAN was founded in 2013 and its ecosystem intelligence solution created shortly after in 2015, on the premises of providing its global clients with reliable, relevant and actionable intelligence about markets and industries where the client companies conduct business. For years, organizations have struggled through enormous inflows of unfiltered data. To address a rapidly growing need for structured and relevant information, SONEAN created an intelligence solution based on network analytic foundations.

A tailored ecosystem model that is created for our corporate client is the backbone of our unique solution. The model covers all relevant stakeholders, including e.g. our client`s corporate customers, competitors, vendors, government agencies, universities and financial institutions at the global scale, i.e. the central entities which make up the network monitored. The ecosystem model representing the relevant network of organizations has tremendous analytical capabilities, and is updated continuously. Our advanced technology and knowledgeable team generate, filter and connect information from diverse sources and languages into intelligence provided in a single target language such as English. In our analysis we solely focus on publicly available information and assure the relevance and reliability of data.

SONEAN thus helps its clients navigate through the complexity of external information. We aid boards and executives to make informed vital decisions. Depending on preferences by the client we provide daily, or weekly, intelligence for an entire region (such as Europe, Africa, and the Middle East) or the whole world. The client no longer hast to cope with thousands of different information sources, standards, languages etc. which leads to a substantial reduction of complexity, saves considerable costs and increases the quality and independence of our actionable intelligence considerably.

A single intelligence platform which can be tapped into not only informs about the latest relevant developments, but also allows unique query and analytical capabilities to be used across the whole organization.

Contact: Dr Murat Ünal, Phone: +49 6173 70 27 65 5,

Tarek Al-Wazir


Frankfurt is the most important financial center of the Eurozone and of considerable importance for our economy. The Hessian state government has the greatest interest in keeping Frankfurt in this position or even enhance it. Therefore, it is essential to actively develop and work on future trends, and currently there is hardly a more important trend than digitalization. There is no doubt that technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, and particularly machine learning, natural language processing and robotics as well as the business models based on them will also fundamentally change the financial industry. It is very important to me that this challenge is recognized and seized as an opportunity. The AI, Big Data, and Network Science Summit makes a crucial contribution to this, as it provides information on innovative developments and serves to network the key players of the financial center of Frankfurt with international experts in Artificial Intelligence. That’s why I gladly accepted the patronage.

Tarek Al-Wazir, Hessian Minister of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development


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