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Thursday, 25 October 2018, Frankfurt


25 October 2018

Frankfurt School of
Finance & Management

EUR 499.- (plus 19% VAT)

Ticket price for full time academics and students: EUR 249.- (plus 19% VAT).

In case you have a sponsor discount code, please mention it in the registration form’s respective field, so that you can get the price reduction accordingly.

Terms and Conditions
The attendance fee includes all documentations, lunch and refreshments. A fee totaling 10% of the attendance fee shall be charged for all cancellations made up until 25 September 2018. Cancellations between 26 September and 16 October 2018 will be charged with a fee totalling 50% of the attendance fee. Any later cancellations will be charged the full fee. The conference ticket cannot be shared, but a registered participant may in the event of sickness designate a replacement participant to take part in the conference. We reserve the right to make alterations to the program for good cause. With your registration, you agree that during the conference, we will take photos and video recordings for presentation purposes.

Prof. Rosario Mantegna


Prof. Mantegna, what are you specifically going to focus on in your speech for the AI, big data, and network science conference on 25th October?

Read the full interview here.


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